Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Convention Swap Labels

Every year for Stampin' Ups convention, I make about 300 card fronts to swap with other demonstrators.  This year I decided to design the label I put on back of my swaps using My Digitial Studio.  Since My Digital Studio does not have a label option for designing, I decided to design my image on a 9 1/4" X 4" landscape postcard because I wanted a large canvas to work on.  I used the Spring Fever Kit (#129608 - $7.95).  This is what I designed:

Once I had the design I saved the card as a .jpg image.  I opened a label template in Microsoft Word and pasted the .jpg image into each individual label slot (I had to stretch the image a little to make it fit the entire label).  I was then able to print off labels.
Here is what the Spring Fever kit contains:

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