Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One by Me, One by Her

Whenever I get my stamps out around my nieces and nephews, they want to stamp with me. Such was the case yesterday. I was preparing my projects for Club and working on a Valentine's Day card. My niece, of course, wanted to make a card. Well, she actually wanted to make six cards. I'm assuming one for each grandma and grandpa, plus one for dad and one for mom. So we set out making a card. I talked her through it a bit, but she did everything herself. She stamped, cut, glue, etc. She even designed it! I thought her card was so cute that I have decided to post it here with the card I designed. Enjoy!

(Oh, by the way...after making just one card, she said "I think I'm going to make just one card." I don't think she realized all the work that was going to go into just one card!)

My niece's Card

My Card

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  1. Jen! You do such cute stuff... you have that creative "eye". I really like the digital cards you've done too. Fabulous!